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Securitas epay is a way to go if you want to make payments and manage payroll in a secure environment. Securitas is a one of the leading online security corporation that is worthy at monitoring, checking, accessing and scrutinizing paperless pay services for employees as well as employers.

Visit  www.securitasepay.com :

A network that provides security services to companies and personnel to manage pay-stub information. This service is accessible and active in more than 60 countries in different continents.

Requirements For Account Login:

A successful login is only possible if you are a worker of a listed organization with Securitas epay. If you are not an employee of listed company, you will find yourself having a fruitless login action.Employers can also use account services.

Employer Login:

Employers can also get benefits by Securitas epay login. It will help them to monitor the process of delivering checks to employees through a secure channel.

  • If you want to access login page, click “Here” to get direct access to the login page.
  • To begin, enter valid employer code in specified space.
  • Click on “Continue” and follow the prompts to access the login page to examining the entire paperless pay process.

Employee Login:

You have to provide a user ID and password/PIN that should be provided by your employer. If you need these details contact your organization to receive your default PIN and ID to access online account at the official website.

  • Visit the login portal and click on “Login” link.
  • Once on the next screen, you have to validate your identity first.
  • Type your social security number correctly. Double check this number, if you enter the wrong SSN, you will get a fruitless login activity.
  • Hit on “Continue” button to complete login action.
  • Enter your user ID and then password in next screen.
  • Click the button states “Login” to access your dashboard to manage activates and use services.

Login By Phone:

  • First,you will need to call at 866-604-3729.
  • Provide your account details to login to your account. You need to provide your social security number.
  • Enter your username and default password given by the employer.
  • You will be prompted to use services.

Choose options to access services:

  • You have to press “0” if you want to speak to a client representative
  • You will be asked to press “1”to receive a fax copy or review your pay stub information.
  • Press “4” button to view the status of a fax request
  • Hit on “5” button if you want to reset your PIN. Follow the instructions to change your password.
  • Press “#” to repeat the menu
  • Press “*”to end the call.

What You Can Do With Your Login?

You can experience many fruitful benefits such as:

View Payment Information:

  • This account is commonly used by workers to view their payroll information. Members will be able to see their paperless pay accounts online anytime anywhere with internet connection.
  • This account is used by employers to make sure that the track of issuing payment checks is completely secure. Through a valid login, they can find the history of every individual employee from the database with ease.

More Efficient Paperless Pay System:

  • This system is one of the latest and more helpful paperless payment systems one can use to manage paystubs, make payments, and evaluate tax and access pay information.
  • It provides the best tools to manage tax data and calculate commission.

Paperless Pay Login For Talx:

  • Talx is an ultimate source for valuable services which are helpful for business human resource, expense and payroll departments. Open account online with username and password for safe and secure access to all related information.

ePay Services:

  • ePay service is certified online program that helps the organization in creating and handling their payroll program. It makes it possible to manage paystub, tax information of all employees and direct deposits using TALX Paperless techniques. Users can easily access personal work information and pay-stub details.

Receive Salaries Online:

  • Employees will receive their salaries directly into their accounts. Now there is no need to visit the branch in person to get payment.

Manage Pay Issues:

  • Find fruitful solutions with ePayroll software to help employers and employees to manage pay issues. Employees need to use their ID, and PIN and employers have to provide code to access Talx epay account.

24/7 Access:

Costs Reduction:

  • It helps businesses to cut costs in almost all departments associated with traditional payment methods and procedures. Save time and money using electronic means.

Instant Distribution:

  • Now employers can facilitate their employees even more with a well-organized and immediate payday services.

Streamline Operations:

  • For businesses,it can help to cut costs and manage streamline operations.

Web-Based Services:

The primary focus is in three areas: hiring, pay reporting and compliance.

Hiring Services: This area relates to faculty acquisition and tax credits and incentives information.

Compliance Services: Including employment and income verification.

Pay Reporting Services: Including W-2 and paperless payment management through unemployment tax techniques and work number.

Use all these services to get best solutions, empowering businesses and access the information you can trust.

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