Securitas EPay – A Preeminent Paperless Pay System

Paperless pay refers to remove the paper work in every stage of the payroll procedure. It is used to cut the expenses, save time and cash, and provide a faster and more appropriate personnel service. Employers are incessantly finding new and better ways to increase productivity, boost profit, and improve efficiency, save money and work efficiently and eliminate the struggle with age-old payroll delivery challenges to survive in the competitive business environment

The Traditional Payment System:

The traditional payment system is an old way to manage accounts which increase the expenses by using the currency to print out the stumps. Now, you can access more secure, safe and efficient technique for the payroll system a computer program that is designed for the payroll department to help them in organizing and supervising the pay stubs solution. It is a useful substitute for the traditional payment system.

Securitas EPay Services:

Online Payroll distribution system: A useful and efficient Payroll distribution system has a meaningful impact on bottom line of any organization and shrinks the high expenses linked with handling and issuing paper pay checks to employees.

Securitas EPay: It is a most popular and excellent Paperless payroll system that is used to manage and control the complete pay stub and give authentic information about the payment. It is a valid and operative way to manage payment system.

Who Will Own Benefits From Paperless Pay Services:

It works for both employers and employees.

  • Employees can check and manage the information and relevant data about payroll and update personal information.
  • Employers can get total access to all the history of company employees.

How The System Will Work For Business?

Through this network, companies will be able to use the up-to-date and reliable system to make certain that the method of giving out pay checks to the personnel is completely protected. Quite a lot of businesses are using these payroll systems successfully for its distinct paybacks. This advantageous method is useful for the companies as well as personnel.

The site gives a secure access to employees to manage their account and view your payroll information.


There are some significant facts you must keep in your mind while using the TALX paperless pay system. If you follow these points, you will be able to use the system efficiently, and the software will surely give you benefits for your organization’s pay stub procedures.

  • You can use this method only if you are an employee of an organization that is registered with securities pay. You have to get your login ID and PIN from your employer to login .
  • Employees must have a unique and valid ID to log-in fruitfully. Every worker of the company has his/her unique username to access the information about the pay stubs online. The employer gives the ID and password to every employee who wants to manage the payroll online.
  • There must be a broadband connection for internet access.
  • The company must be listed to use this software.
  • There should be a person who is accountable for payroll system of the business.

Key Benefits Of Paperless Pay System:

Streamline Payroll Actions To Reduce Costs: The online system will save money for business by reducing the expenditures occur due to the processing and issuing paper paychecks to personnel.

Drop Check Distribution Expenses: It lowers the stamp price and delivery charges linked with transferring the paychecks to all employees or several work sites.

Cut Supply Expenditures: This system will reduce the periodic accusations of printing the paper paychecks.

Decrease Check Handout Charges: Save time and money by distributing payment online in every individual account for instant access.

Safe & Secure Services: System operates all services online including detecting, checking, and inspecting the entire paperless pay services through a highly secured and advanced channel. Log on now if you want to save costs in a safe manner and restfully manage the entire payroll.

Risk-Free Prospects: Through this tool, you will be able to use electronic payment distribution solution without any hesitation.

Employee Benefit: Employees can avail the opportunities to manage the accounts anytime, access information whenever they want and take the advantages of a typical banking relationship.

No Qualification Requirements: All employees are eligible to use the program. Only a unique ID is required to access electronic payroll program.

Insignificant Risk: It offers 100% guaranteed funds.

Economical: System offers a considerably needed service to the persons who cannot afford banking charges and heavy check cashing fees.

Accessibility To All: Employers can meet the challenges of competitive environment and employees can get useful access to their pay information. Every individual will be able to receive the pay electronically directly in his/her account.


Today’s the best paperless pay solutions are available online, and the perks of these solutions are massive. No need to print or distribute paper checks manually, now organizations can use technologies to pay employees. Electronic payroll has reduced the costs by using the paperless pay. The key factor for many organizations is to bear less expense in handling and delivering the pay to employees. Employees will get the benefit by getting a safe access to personal payment information and managing direct deposit.

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