Securitas EPay System For Payroll Management

Securitas epay system also known as “TALX Paperless Pay System” is a secure and protected online source specially designed for employees to access their pay information with ease. It is used to manage and control the complete payroll system competently and efficiently and validate that the procedure of allotting payment checks to the employees is fully protected, secure, useful and convenient.

Securitas Employees: Securitas employees will be able to access their pay information online through the Securitas EPAY portal. If you have an ID, you will be able to get the benefits immediately through Paperless Pay system online such as human capital management solutions, containing workforce and payroll management.

Securitas Employers: Organizations use these payment systems to take advantages of the benefits and useful services. It is helpful to the employers as well as employees of the organization. Companies can use this secure system to ensure that the route of delivering checks to the personnel is totally safe and appropriate and can also look at the history of a particular employee anytime anywhere with internet connection.

Account Login:

With this particular online tool, you can find any data about the payroll. A login is required to the website to access the information contact to your employer to get a PIN and ID to register as a member.

Benefits To Encounter:

Direct Access To The Pay Stub: Employees can manage access payment account and pay stub data directly with a click. It is mainly used in the payroll department to administer and unify the pay stubs of the employees. With direct bank deposit employees can get their pay on payday instantly.

Maintain Direct Deposit: With this system, you will be able to update your deposit account and the due amount. All you need is to log into the site and start making changes. Hover to “Direct Deposit Maintenance” link and follow the on-screen prompts to update information and manage accounts.

Manage Payments: Securitas employees can save money and manage all about their payroll online through protected network and get a supported enticement that will lift direct deposit rates. Any member can get easy access the information with a click.

Self-service: Employees can modify their personal information anytime if needed. Log in to your account and update your details such as your email address phone numbers and security questions.

Reduce The Uncertainties: It has also reduced the risks of HR department with secure and correct data and information. Now there is no need to arrange and manage paper work and dig out figures from the files. It also decreases the burden and load of work of an individual.

Access e-Statements: Program stores the payroll statements in the secure database. Users can access the information at any time anywhere with internet connection. You can get into your portfolio using your username and PIN.

Preferable To The Paper System: According to a survey in an organization nearly 62 percent of the employees are gratified with the online Securitas epay system as compared to the paper system. This online system allows them to use a secure and convenient access to their records and customize the information according to needs.

Accessible Anytime And Anywhere: Employees can find any information about the payroll if they have ID and password using this online system. You don’t need to find data from the files in your storage. Use the search engine to get the required information. Employers can find the records of any employee with just a click. In most of the organizations, the online pay stub is preferred compared to the standard solution.

Save Cash: Reduce your expenses by saving money. Forget the pay slip tradition and simply get them the access to a secure pay stub website in the world by allotting them unique user ID and password/PIN.

Reduce Costs And Time: Use this system for a sufficient profit of your investment. The company can reduce the paper cost as well as physical workload from payroll in-charge. Employers can use the time and money in more efficient ways to increase the profit ratio.

Free Templates: Several patterns, colors, and schemes are available to design and print out the paystub. These templates are free.

Search Engine Strategy: Get instant access to your accounts, information, and services. Use a search engine to find out the desired information from the collection of the database.

Secure Access: All services and features are available to the registered member. New users must complete enrollment before getting into the system. Registration is easy and free for all employees. All you need is to get your ID and PIN from your organization.

Free registration: Log on to the enrollment page at the website and set up your account. Choose security question which will be used to confirm your identity from time to time. Once you have access to your account, log in on any device connected to the internet to manage your data.

Register today and make the payroll system quicker and convenient than the traditional one.

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